Discover the life-changing power of practicing yoga in line with gravity

Learn what alignment with gravity means, how to take that alignment into your yoga practice. Rediscover the poses from the inside out, and experience what BKS Iyengar meant when he said: "You don't hold the pose, the pose holds you."

Four-week Yoga in Balance workshop

Dates: Saturday. mornings, October 16 to November 6. Time: 9:30 to 10:30 Pacific time (12:30 to 1:30 Eastern time. All classes are held over Zoom. If you have to miss a class, no worries, you'll have unlimited access to the recordings. Questions? Email me at [email protected].
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  • What if I can't come to classes on Saturday morning?

    All of the classes are recorded and accessible by end of the day Sunday or earlier. You can view the classes any time you'd like to.

  • What if I don't understand something in the class?

    You can ask a question in the chat any time. I will either answer right away, or at the end of class.

  • Is there a chance for individual feedback?

    I love giving individual feedback. For privacy purposes, I stop recording at the end of the hour-long class. Then I give feedback to anyone who wants it. That could be anything from checking your spine to looking at you in a pose. Our feedback session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour.

  • Do I need special props?

    Most props we use are either standard yoga props, including blankets, bolsters, yoga blocks, a strap, and a yoga mat, or things you can find around your house. If you don't have a bolster, for example, you can use cushions or pillows. If you don't have a lacrosse ball, a tennis ball will do. Three props you definitely want on hand: • an 18-inch foam roller, the simpler and less expensive the better. • a light resistance band or Theraband, or, In a pinch, a yoga strap or even the belt from your housecoat. • a wool roll or a sitting wedge to help you sit well. You can also use a rolled up hand towel, secured on each end with hair ties.

What students say about Yoga in Balance:

“The classes that Eve teaches on spine alignment are wonderful and so helpful. Her use of photos, illustrations, props of the skeleton, various ways of visualizing what is happening in our body, and most importantly the exercises that we can take with us to do on our own all come together to move us towards better posture. She is a great teacher and anyone would benefit from taking her classes!”

Genevieve Goggin

“I am very happy I signed up for your class and have enjoyed working through the first two recordings. I found the classes really helpful and a perfect trigger to get back into the habit of paying attention to my posture after having had a glimpse of it all in your Spinefulness classes (and hopefully correcting a few mistakes!). Thank you for offering this course. ”

Doris Ecker,

“I wondered how this class would be on Zoom and I wanted to let you know that I was so energized by your presentation and re-inspired to focus again on Balance work - thank you so much! I look forward to class 2!”

Tannis R.

“This class is a great fit for me. Your voice is lovely and peace inducing. I appreciate the constant reminders to be mindful about my body. I am feeling taller thanks to your guidance and I like it.”

Katie McDonald